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Jason Wylie


Jason Wylie is an up-and-coming adult fantasy fiction author from Dayboro near Brisbane, Australia.

Jason's first novel, The Oracle of Malcontent, has just been released. 

The Oracle of Malcontent - Athenaeum of Assierium Series Book 1 - ORDER NOW

Links below for Australian sales from this site (paperback + hardcover) and Amazon. (paperback + hardcover + ebook)

The books are also available through Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Booktopia, and many other retailers internationally.

[Image: Hardcover book cover]

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Author - Jason Wylie: Welcome

Athenaeum of Assierium

The Oracle of Malcontent

“You will be the balance to life, the bringer of difficult times to those who require strengthening, the final word in relieving the world of the pain of life and failure”

It’s been forty years since the last Choosing in the world of Azarth. After years living as a poor farmer’s son, Pthorn leaves his home, destined to be one of Assier’s Chosen Four to cross the seas and discover the truth known only to a select few.

The truth is far different than that believed by the rest of Azarth and, under the guidance of the Oracle of Malcontent, Pthorn leaves as a boy and becomes an unlikely scholar. He emerges as one of the most powerful figures in Azarth with abilities and knowledge beyond his wildest imagination.

Will he use this power for good when he ventures out into the world, or will good intentions and poor decisions lead to devastating consequences?

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About Jason Wylie

Who Is Jason Wylie?

Jason Wylie is an experienced process engineer, with a creative mind, who has always dreamt of seeing his name on the cover of a best-selling novel.

Writing has always been a passion of Jason's. From about the age of 8 he would write his own short stories and 'self-publish' by stapling the spine, running a strip of tape along the edge and adorning the back page with the 'Jason Press Publishing' logo (Picture a large J with book pages leafing out from the side).

Jason started the outline for The Oracle of Malcontent while on Paternity Leave for his daughter in January 2020. The novel is now available for pre-order on e-book, paperback and hardcover.

Author - Jason Wylie: About


Get in touch to discover more writings by Jason Wylie and to follow their literary adventures.

The background picture is of one of the native beasts of Straulatos, the southern most inhabited continent of Azarth. The art is by Riss Gibson, follow her on instagram. 

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